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Digital transformation is likely a term you’ve heard many times by now. If you’re the person responsible for accelerating digital transformation within your organization, then this article is for you. Through digital transformation, companies incorporate digitization into their processes and culture to establish a digital culture. However, as companies undergo this transformation, they often face […]

As the mortgage industry continues to evolve and grow, mortgage professionals will face increasing competition for potential clients. This is mainly due to the rapid pace of technological innovation in the financial sector, which has made it easier for consumers to access loans and other financing options online. To remain competitive in this evolving landscape, […]

Plastic surgery providers use marketing strategies to bring in new patients and make more people aware of their business. In the past, plastic surgery marketing relied heavily on print advertisements (i.e., magazines and newspapers). However, nowadays, almost 100% of advertising is done online since that’s where potential patients are looking for information about cosmetic procedures. […]