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We are a full-service marketing and technology company focused on being a great partner for businesses, professionals, and organizations across a variety of industries.

Our goal has always been to help businesses reach their goals, and to be the leading solution for their clients. The marketing landscape has changed, the places people are looking for solutions has changed, and the tools and technology we use to solve problems have changed.

One thing that doesn’t change is our relentless drive to see our clients succeed and solve their problems.

what WE DO_

• Branding + Design

• Websites & E-Commerce


• Editorial Design

• Advertising

• Social Media Marketing

• Lead Generation

• Hosting

"I had the pleasure of working with Gold Lion across many content marketing and paid social campaigns to help drive traffic and leads to our site. They are also very experienced in their respective fields, proactively creating strategies to benefit our business"

- Shirley Cox -

"We are really happy with the new design of our site. Gold Lion helped us launch our site and in addition, they provided good tips and leads for content creation and the benefits of SEO towards our business"

- Ethan Kent -

"My experience with Gold Lion has been just incredible from the start. Their team is organized, forward-thinking, helpful and flexible in time, pricing and work ideas. From graphics, website and SEO, Gold Lion does it all, and they do it very well"

- Michael Robertson -

As the world becomes increasingly digital, online advertising has become an essential tool for businesses of all types, including dental practices. Online advertising enables dental practices to reach a wider audience and promote their services to potential patients searching for dental services online. One of the most popular forms of online advertising is Google Ads, […]