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Top 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Professionals in 2023

More and more businesses have included social media as part of their marketing strategy and are using different strategies to improve their internet presence, reach potential new clients, generate more leads, and grow their business. A mortgage is one of the biggest personal purchases a person can make. Social media is the perfect place where mortgage professionals can meet prospects and add their personal touch to their messaging.

However, mortgage professionals aren’t using social media as much as they should. In our opinion, too many mortgage professionals are operating without a solid marketing strategy and aren’t making any effort to focus on the marketing aspect of their business.

Most mortgage professionals fail at using social media because they don’t have enough time or they don’t have the creativity to come up with new posts. We want to change this and want you to stay connected with your potential clients. We want to help you with your social media marketing strategy to create a unique value proposition that makes you different from other old-school mortgage professionals.

We’ve made a list of social media marketing strategies for mortgage professionals, so you can get inspiration from them and use them in your social media marketing activities.

Is Your Mortgage Company Lagging in Marketing Strategies?

Mortgage marketing strategies are few and far between, which can be frustrating to anyone in the mortgage business. Fortunately, marketing for your mortgage business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! Sometimes, all it takes is using the right direction to create messages that attract more leads to your business, increase conversion rates, and grow your customer base.

Homebuyers and remortgagers might know they want a mortgage professional — but how do you persuade them that you are the one they need? In a crowded market that your customers may not fully understand, it can be hard to stand out and differentiate your brand. The answer, however, is simple: increasing your visibility and client engagement.

Our experts have put together this helpful guide with the 7 top social media marketing strategies that will help you grow your mortgage business in the coming years and beyond. These strategies will help boost your mortgage lead generation by enticing more prospects to submit an application through your online submission form or call your office directly.

1. Leverage Gated Content


One of the most convincing methods to get people to provide their contact information is by using gated content. Gated content is any media placed behind a lead capture form. In other words, a user must provide personal information to access the content — typically an email address or phone number, or provide an answer to a low-friction question. You essentially just need to share a link to interesting content on your social media platforms.

When visitors click on it, it sends them to the “gate,” which will request their name and email address. They won’t be able to see the content unless they provide the necessary information.

2. Host a Contest

A fun way to generate leads while also gaining new followers is by hosting a contest with rewards. All you need to do is come up with a great idea, set some rules that will help your business, and wait for the contestants (and their friends) to start flooding your website.

For example, the prize for your contest could be a $500 gift card to any big-box retailer that you choose. To enter, contestants must like your page, tag a friend of theirs, and share your post on their social media. Once the time limit for the contest has ended, select one winner and announce it on your page so everyone can see.

3. Use Paid Advertising


If you’re looking for immediate results, a few options are better than paid social media advertising. All of the major platforms offer the ability to create and manage custom marketing campaigns that cater to your specific needs.

Facebook and Google Ads are two of the most popular digital marketing tools. Mortgage professionals who use these platforms effectively can significantly increase business opportunities. Both Facebook and Google offer a variety of features that you can use to target potential customers. You can create ads that target people based on their interests, location, age, gender, and more.

If you’re not sure where to start, plenty of resources are available online to help you create your first ad. Once your ads are live, monitor their performance so you can make changes as needed.


4. Post a Poll


A great way to get people to engage with your business is by asking them for their thoughts and opinions. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter offers users the ability to post polls. Most consumers love polls, making this a great way to increase user engagement.

If your poll is interesting and engaging, some users might even share it. This will help you gain more reach to acquire new followers.

5. Take Advantage of Geo-targeting

If you want your paid social advertising campaign to succeed, then make sure to use the geo-targeting feature. Geo-targeting is especially useful if you are an independent mortgage professional or are running a small, local firm. By targeting specific audiences based on their location, you can ensure that your ads are seen by people who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.


6. Share Testimonials


The best posts are those where someone else shares their experience with your business. Testimonials from real clients strengthen your brand, build trust with potential clients, and otherwise feel good! Customers trust each other’s recommendations. As a result, we propose posting client testimonies on your social media sites. These testimonials create “social proof,” demonstrating how your services have benefited previous clients.

7. Create a Lead Magnet

One legitimate way to capture a potential client’s details and add value to their visits is to create a series of “lead magnet” content pieces. A lead magnet is any type of content, such as a mortgage rate calculator or eBook, that entices people to offer up their contact information. Much like gated content, a lead magnet requires users to provide their name and email address to access the materials.

Here are some examples of titles you could try as a mortgage professional:

  • Five things everyone should know before buying their first home.
  • Top mistakes every homebuyer makes.
  • Don’t buy a house before reading these five crucial tips.

Bottom Line

As a mortgage professional, we strongly recommend establishing a social media marketing strategy for your mortgage business. Always take some time to connect with the community around you. By using these marketing strategies for mortgage professionals, your business will grow and succeed.

Still struggling to optimize your mortgage-specific social media marketing strategy? Gold Lion Technologies can help! We can develop your social media campaign using the tactics listed above and plenty more. When you partner with us for your online marketing, you’ll see your leads and conversions grow significantly. Contact us for a FREE business audit.