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Results Based Growth Marketing Company

At Gold Lion, we are a full-service marketing and technology company. We focus on being a great partner for businesses, professionals, and organizations across various industries.


Gold Lion came about when a group of successful business owners saw a need for a different approach to the marketing strategies provided by traditional ad agencies. As a digital networking and business growth marketing agency, we assist clients in developing long-term, meaningful relationships with their customers.

Our thorough data analysis enables us to identify cost-effective business growth techniques for our clients. We provide results-based marketing solutions including:

  • Branding and design strategy
  • Websites and eCommerce development
  • Hosting
  • SEO/SEM services
  • Organic social media marketing
  • Advertising
  • Competition analysis
  • Editorial design
  • Lead generation

We also specialize in paid search advertising and paid social media advertising to assist forward-thinking businesses in maximizing their growth.

We help companies unify their marketing strategy with a thorough review of customer experience to maximize business growth. We also create integrated media and personalized content and act as an in-house extension of our client’s internal teams.

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With so much noise in the market, it’s hard to identify the most effective strategy for business growth. Everyone is saying something different, but you can’t afford trial and error. With so much information out there, it’s a headache to understand which strategy best suits your business. Trust us—we have experienced this ourselves.

When we founded Gold Lion Tech, we sought to answer one of the biggest growth marketing problems faced by businesses: the inefficiency of traditional ad agencies. We had first-hand experience engaging with traditional ad agencies and contractors that were quick to bill every month for their services despite a mixed pattern of results. We saw that this approach was not cost-effective.

We repeatedly heard that business growth was only possible with higher ad spending over a longer time. There’s a certain sense to this, but only if there’s data to support it and a research-driven plan for business growth marketing.

Frustrated by the lack of quality leads that targeted those we wanted to serve, we analyzed the business growth and results delivered by traditional ad agencies.

In a nutshell, this was our evidenced-based assessment of traditional ad agencies:

  • Poor traffic of qualified leads
  • High expenditure
  • Low additional revenue

…which finally constitutes a poor return on investment.

That’s when we realized we needed something new. It’s not enough anymore to provide some cool, eye-catching presentations and ideas that only sometimes lead to consistent, tangible results. You can’t survive that.

We needed to see:

  • Actionable steps
  • Ideas and evidence of testing
  • Identification of problems and cost-effective solutions

We weren’t seeing it at a cost-effective level —so we decided to create it.

For your business and anyone tired of empty promises and a lack of evidence-based business growth strategies, we hear you, and we have the solution.

Enter the research-driven, results-based marketing system.



There is no question: a business must have a digital marketing strategy today. Again, the problem is choice. Do you dare approach social media marketing? It’s a jungle out there. Do you focus on SEO/SEM areas like competition analysis and blog content SEO? Do you read a frightening article about the 3-second rule and spend big on website optimization?

The answer is that you don’t panic. Instead, you talk to us about the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

We offer services like a website audit to help you know if you need to improve page loading, indexing or the site architecture. If social media marketing would build your brand recognition, we can offer strategies to drive engagement. If analysis ranking keywords reveals that a strong SEO campaign would help your business, we can identify the problem and offer solutions.

And we’ll always explain to you how and why a strategy works. No buzzwords, no empty promises. Instead, you can expect actionable plans based on hard figures.


Stepping outside the “traditional digital space,” network marketing offers many tools and technologies available to build out your target audience. Our network marketing strategies help you connect with your audience and understand how you can be of service.

Network marketing is essential for B2B companies, as relationships are all-important for lead generation. We can help you make those connections that lead to lasting, lucrative relationships.


We can help you automate your business processes, so you can focus on what you do best. Our business development solutions allow you to be working on your business — not micromanaging the processes in your business.

Our group has substantial experience in building and growing businesses. Our goal is to work with clients using a hands-on approach: we understand each business has unique goals, challenges, and growth targets. If you let us know what these are through our discovery process, we can help you achieve them.

The key to success is consistency. In an ever-changing landscape, consistency is performing constant analysis and making evidence-based decisions. We perform this research for you and help put business development processes into place that ensure you’ll always be on the right side of change.

  • We use retroactive billing—we start the work before we bill, so you see evidence of completed work before ever making a payment.
  • We are realistic and honest—we do not take on clients if we cannot help and drive results.
  • We don’t use 12-month contracts—you won’t need to fear getting locked in before seeing results.
  • No cookie-cutter products—we tailor all projects to your needs and discuss every proposal thoroughly with our clients.
  • We never overcharge—if you have experience working with some traditional ad agencies, you’ll know what we mean here. It’s painful, and we never do it.