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What are the Best Tools for YouTube marketing?

YouTube is the second most visited website behind Google, with 2 billion unique visitors. You could be persuaded to start a YouTube channel after seeing such a massive portion of the viewership. And it’s a fantastic concept! We know you’re talented, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. However, maintaining YouTube channels is crucial if you want to get the most out of them. You’ll need some effective YouTube marketing tools to advertise your company on YouTube.



You’re all aware that YouTube marketing requires a significant amount of work on your behalf. Don’t allow your hard work and efforts to go to waste. Make use of the most excellent YouTube marketing tools instead. They will assist you in attracting visitors, expanding your following, and distinguishing yourself from your competition. So, let’s get this party started:

10 Insanely Effective YouTube Marketing Tools

You may raise your marketing game and generate big visitors using the correct marketing tools. We’ve gathered some useful YouTube marketing tools to assist you. These may be used to create high-quality content and market your company. So, let’s get started:

1. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a fantastic YouTube marketing tool that automatically captures essential data. These valuable ideas and statistics will help you design an effective YouTube marketing plan.

Mentionlytics also keeps track of your rivals by analyzing the terms and phrases in your sector. Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic features this fantastic tool has to offer:

  • You’ll learn about audience behavior, preferences, attitudes, and involvement, among other things. These are required to develop a brand marketing plan and promote it on YouTube.
  • Mentionlytics allows you to separate and classify data to generate relevant conclusions. When done manually, it is challenging.
  • It analyzes current market trends and assists you in strategizing some of the most effective ads.
  • You may connect with some of the most well-known influencers and prominent YouTubers to promote your company with Mentionlytics.
  • You may use it to track out rivals for your brand and keep one step ahead of them.

2. VidIQ

VidIQ is a YouTube-approved marketing tool that may help you uniquely advertise your business. Though the quantity of subscribers is significant to many marketers, it positions you differently in front of the audience. It concentrates on critical data like tags, viewing time, and social sharing. Furthermore, it provides you with customized tips and tactics to help you expand your channel. Let’s have a look at some of the things it offers:

  • It allows you to increase your organic reach by using the most popular keywords. To enhance your space, add the keywords in your titles, descriptions, tags, and playlist.
  • You may utilize the audit tool to determine what’s working and what’s not for your channel. It will assist you in developing a better channel strategy.
  • By following rivals with VidIQ, you may have access to the most crucial industry facts. You learn what your competitors are doing to bring their videos to the top of the search results.
  • The compare view feature may be used to monitor the speed of any video and make a relevant comparison. It will assist you in receiving real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your material.

3. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another excellent YouTube marketing tool that simplifies the process. It allows you to schedule content, receive essential reports, and engage many followers. Furthermore, it utilizes the social inbox to locate, filter quickly, and manage the conversation. Moreover, the system’s functionality is above par, and it is incredibly user-friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the other features it has to offer:

  • It has a separate social inbox for managing YouTube comments and messages, which makes conversation tracking much more accessible.
  • You get access to an infinite number of reports that will assist you in determining the ROI of your YouTube engagement and marketing plan.
  • It includes a unique mechanism that tracks followers and assists in detecting trolls and negative comments.
  • It also allows you to organize and schedule your queued content according to your chosen time slot and topic. This functionality will enable you to batch plan, reschedule, and upload movies.

4. Canva

How can we talk about YouTube marketing without mentioning Canva?

You’re probably aware that thumbnails and feature images play an essential role in attracting viewers. Canva is one of the best tools for creating beautiful and impactful feature images.

Canva is the way to go if you’re interested in graphics, photos, and layouts and care about how they appear. Let’s have a look at the features available to you:

  • With Canva, you get a user-friendly option for creating your advertising and a ton of free creative resources.
  • You may choose from various layouts and styles to fit any occasion.
  • It has a drag-and-drop editor for creating gorgeous photos for your channel. It’s also ideal for customizing your logo.
  • Aside from those above, you get access to a collection of typefaces and thousands of stock pictures, drawings, and social media graphics.

5. Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy is your true friend if you’re seeking a solution that makes managing your YouTube channel a breeze. You may download a free browser extension and a mobile app to help you better interact with your channel. You may post your movies in less time using TubeBuddy’s time-saving templates. It also guarantees that best practices are followed to rank better in search phrases. Let’s have a look at the tools it provides to help you improve your YouTube content:

  • TubeBuddy helps you uncover the most popular video subjects and high-performing keywords for your channel.
  • For your videos, you may create nice and catchy titles and tags.
  • It aids in the creation of excellent thumbnails for your videos as well as the use of best practices to attract significant traffic to your channel.
  • If you’re tired of publishing that takes a long time, TubeBuddy will shorten your publishing time in half. This tool allows you to manage your publication time better.

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful YouTube marketing tool for finding high-performing content for your channel. Marketers are increasingly attracted to this marketing technique to better understand the material that is most effective for them. Surprisingly, you receive a lot of data to help you fine-tune your marketing plan and strengthen your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that might help you improve your YouTube video success:

  • Buzzsumo helps you learn more about the YouTube algorithm and create an intelligent content strategy.
  • You learn about high-performing content in your niche that may help your channel reach a large, focused audience.
  • It locates well-known YouTube influencers who can promote your business or campaign.
  • You may monitor audience comments and ongoing trends in your sector with Buzzsumo. This tool will assist you in seizing chances and responding quickly to your audience.

7. Biteable

Do you want to keep one step ahead of your rivals by creating amazing videos? The YouTube marketing tool you’ll need is Biteable. You may use this application to generate visually appealing video footage and animation to entice your viewers. With your logos and brilliant color schemes, you receive a whole professional touch. This feature gives videos a professional and current appearance. Let’s have a look at some of Biteable’s other features:

  • You’ll get access to about 8,00,000 stock footage to produce perfect and appealing films.
  • You can quickly personalize your movies using Biteable, and if you upgrade to premium, you can even add bespoke watermarks.
  • It’s simple to use and comes with a variety of aesthetically attractive video and picture styles.
  • Aside from that, there are social sharing options, which allow you to share millions of people across different social networking networks.

8. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library is another marketing tool that offers royalty-free audio for your films. It features an extensive music library that you may use to enhance your material. When you utilize copyrighted music in your movies, the money is funneled via numerous companies. You don’t want that to happen, do you? So, instead of paying, switch to YouTube Audio Library and save money. Let’s have a look at the things it provides:

  • You have many possibilities for finding free music for your videos.
  • It provides a high-level classification of music into many genres. Start with dance and electronics if you have an explanation video.
  • The YouTube Audio Library comes in handy when video length is an issue. To specify tracks, use the duration filter.

9. Channelview

Channelview is a crucial YouTube marketing tool as well. It allows you to simplify your YouTube experience and find a large number of videos to increase interaction. You may have access to crucial information that will help you enhance your YouTube analytics and develop reports to help you do so. It is accessible for free and may develop and optimize on YouTube channels by any professional, team, or corporation.

10. Tunics

Tunics are a good option if you want to increase your YouTube views. This fantastic tool simplifies YouTube marketing for you by providing data-driven suggestions. With recommended tags and keywords, you may improve brand exposure and views. Let’s look at the features it offers to see how well it can help you expand your YouTube channel:

  • You’ll receive immediate feedback on how well your channel is functioning. Or how your viewers see you and react to your videos.
  • It saves you time via automation since half of the duties are simple.
  • Tunics can help you expand your YouTube channel by improving your SEO rankings by completing the actionable SEO checklist.
  • Real-time content analysis is possible. It tells you whether or not you have enough keywords in the right places.
  • Tunics also assists you in making your videos SEO-friendly by optimizing tags, titles, and YouTube descriptions.



YouTube has become a critical medium for marketers as video marketing gains popularity. To enhance your YouTube marketing plan, you must first identify the appropriate social monitoring and promotion tools.

The list above contains all of the YouTube marketing tools you’ll ever need, from high-end analytics tools to free ones. Choose your poison!

Do you use any additional successful YouTube marketing strategies? Kindly inform me in the comments section below.