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Go High Level (GHL) For Reverse Mortgage Professionals in 2023

Go High Level (GHL) for Reverse Mortgage Professionals in 2023

Go High Level (GHL) is a comprehensive suite of products and services that help reverse mortgage professionals stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape. In 2023, GHL will be the leading platform to provide extensive tools, resources, and consulting services specifically tailored to the needs of the reverse mortgage industry.

With Go High Level, reverse mortgage professionals can easily manage their business from anywhere at any time. They can access real-time data on loan originations, process applications quickly and securely, track borrower payments, and much more. Additionally, Go High Level provides detailed reports for analyzing performance metrics such as profit margins and conversion rates. 

Go High Level also offers personalized support for reverse mortgage professionals, including loan counseling and education, marketing resources, competitive rate comparisons, and more. Overall, Go High Level helps business owners stay ahead of the competition in this ever-changing industry.

What Is a Reverse Mortgage CRM? 

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is software that allows you to centralize and orchestrate your company’s interactions with prospects and customers. Marketing automation tools can also be connected and customer contact records are often included.

A reverse mortgage CRM software solution helps reverse mortgage professionals and other financial professionals manage their clients. You now undoubtedly have a basic understanding of a reverse mortgage CRM. However, your reverse mortgage CRM should perform several additional tasks.

Is Reverse Mortgage CRM Software Important?

Yes, having a high-quality reverse mortgage CRM is critical for your organization. The foundation for the long-term success of any business is its customer relationships. One of the main differentiators between one reverse mortgage firm and another is the quality and quantity of connections you can maintain in the money lending sector.

Determine What You Want From a Reverse Mortgage CRM

When selecting a reverse mortgage CRM, you must consider where you’ll be five years into the future. What will your tech stack look like in five years? What issues are addressed? How many people use the system daily? What are your main concerns? Knowing what you want to achieve with the software over the next five years can aid in determining which solution is best for you today. A CRM helps reverse mortgage professionals stay organized, develop automated campaigns, and integrate different applications. Your CRM must have SMS and email connections to interact with clients. This functionality is already included in most bespoke mortgage CRMs. However, it’s essential to pushing the limits of this capability.

Once you’ve determined your requirements and limitations, it’s time to wade through the sea of CRMs to discover the best fit. That is why we recommend using Go High Level (GHL) as a mortgage CRM.

What is Go High Level?

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed exclusively for reverse mortgage agencies. It includes a membership platform where you can build unlimited free or paid courses with a total number of users for your clients or your agency. The membership area can be customized and fully branded using the built-in drag-and-drop editor. Go High Level is everything mortgage agencies need to manage their client’s leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and many other services required to maintain a customer. 

GHL does three things particularly well — import leads, automate communications, and scale marketing campaigns. These three capabilities may be used to create new lead campaigns, refinancing drips, and even review management automation. As a result, reverse mortgage professionals turn to GHL for their entire sales funnel solution.

Why Is Go High Level So Important?

Go High Level offers an automated lead management system built just for reverse mortgage professionals. In one convenient place, it keeps track of inbound leads from multiple sources, including web forms and social media accounts. It also gives you the ability to add custom tags to each lead, so you know exactly where they came from and what type of product they are interested in. 

Furthermore, Go High Level also provides powerful tracking tools for reverse mortgage professionals. Go High Level’s dashboard allows you to quickly view the status of leads, cases, and other essential documents in real-time. You can easily organize documents by categories to make finding them faster. Go High Level also offers secure document storage to keep all your important information safe and accessible when needed. 

Finally, Go High Level has powerful automation tools enabling reverse mortgage professionals to automate their workflows easily. Automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns or follow-up calls and focus on delivering the best customer experience possible. 


Features of Go High Level

Go High Level Features

Go High Level’s suite of features can streamline your workflow, giving you more time to focus on delivering the best customer experience possible. It helps you work smarter and faster so that you can focus on what matters most: helping your clients reach their reverse mortgage goals. 

  • White Label Icons & Domain With Your Brand: Create authority with your clients and show them you own the platform. 
  • Automated Text (SMS & MMS) Email, & Ringless Voicemail Messaging: Create automated messaging campaigns and follow-up sequences to send to your leads.
  • Connect With Website Chat & Facebook Messenger: Sync with your website or Facebook page to instantly collect customer information.
  • Funnel Builder: Create your custom landing pages, funnels, surveys, and forms with the drag-and-drop page builder and bring customers to that page.
  • Detailed Client Dashboard With Lead Conversion & Reporting Data: Use your dashboard to view campaign progress, see updated tasks, interact with leads, and more.
  • Send Automated Reviews to Customers: Send review requests to your customers to help boost your rankings and search efficiency.
  • Appointment Booking & Calendar Scheduling: A built-in calendar allows your clients to schedule appointments with leads and send appointment reminders.
  • Access The Mobile App to View Data & Interact With Leads: Access the CRM through your mobile device to view campaign data and interact with new leads from anywhere.
  • Real-Time Notifications: High Level sends instant update notifications for new contacts, completed tasks, and more.
  • Activate “Force Call” to Instantly Speak With New Leads: Allow our system to instantly call your client’s phones. Connect with new leads in seconds.
  • Access The “Dialer” to Make Calls, Record Calls, & Track Call History: Improve your call systems with highly detailed call information.
  • Smart Pipelines: Organize new leads based on where they are at in your funnel and keep track of their conversation history.
  • Unlimited Integrations to Other Platforms: Connect High Level to landing pages, website forms, Facebook ads, online surveys, and more using the invite-only Zapier app.
  • Import & Export Customer Lists: Import your current contact lists into High Level, or export lists you build within High Level to use on other platforms.
  • Broadcast Messaging: Send broadcast messages, promotional updates, or custom messages to specific contacts once they are on your list.

With Go High Level, you can easily assign tasks to each lead and set reminders so that you never miss a beat with your clientele. This CRM makes it easier than ever to manage leads, track progress with customers, and store essential documents. Get started today and take your reverse mortgage business to a whole new level!

The Bottom Line

If you are a reverse mortgage professional looking to scale your business in 2023, Go High Level is the perfect solution. With Go High Level, you can easily manage your business on one platform, increase customer satisfaction, and grow! Get started today with Go High Level and make the most of 2023! 

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