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YouTube Marketing: Seven Smart Ways to Grow Your Channel

YouTube is a must-have for organizations, particularly marketing departments. And you don’t have any other choice than to increase the exposure of your YouTube videos.

So, how can you market your YouTube channel and promote your YouTube videos?

In this post, you’ll learn seven tried-and-true strategies for improving your YouTube video marketing, creating Google-friendly material, and doubling your YouTube channel’s followers.

1. Create Enticing Titles

It doesn’t matter how nice your video appears if no one watches it. As a result, you must optimize your video titles to attract visitors.

Here are some helpful hints for producing outstanding YouTube titles that can get you more views:

  • Find the proper keywords. Keywords in the title inform Google crawlers about the content of your video. It’s a win-win situation since excellent keywords also inform your viewers what to anticipate.
  • Keep the title to a minimum. Video games should be no more than 60 characters long. Readers should be able to view the full title at a glance.
  • Create titles that are both clear and informative. Allow viewers to figure it out on their own. Make it clear to the audience what the video is about.

Explain why viewers should watch the video. They need a compelling reason to devote their time and attention to the material. They’re curious as to how it will help them.

To come up with an excellent title, use this formula:

1. Choose a key theme for your video.
2. Look for keyword phrases that are brief and descriptive and that address this topic.
3. Choose a title that addresses the viewer’s most pressing query.


2. Make Perfect Thumbnails for YouTube

Compelling thumbnails encourage people to click straight away and increase the visibility of your YouTube channel. Thumbnails should be related to the content and title of the video.

To assist visitors in understanding what your movie is about, include brief explanations and related photos in your thumbnails. Using thumbnails, engage people’s curiosity and convey a tale. You should leave them guessing as to what will happen next. Your title and image should ideally create an account that complements each other.

Here are a few pointers for creating custom thumbnails:

1. Use average video sizes, such as 1280*720 or 1920*1080 pixels. Smaller sizes might seem hazy.

2. Only use high-resolution pictures.

3. Include the video title in your thumbnail to increase the number of people who see it.

4. JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or TIF are acceptable image formats.

5. Use the 16:9 aspect ratio that YouTube players like.

6. Maintain a consistent design and use the same style for all of your thumbnails.

7. Make use of feelings. Include fascinating faces with a strong emphasis on the eyes.

3. Make Your Youtube Channel a Brand

The next step is to brand your YouTube channel to make it more aesthetically appealing and persuade people to take you seriously. It enables you to raise brand recognition and spend more time with your target market.

For your channel, use your company’s logo. You may use your headshot instead of a logo if you’re an independent video blogger.

Add titles and descriptions to your videos to help others discover you. You may also put links to your website and social media accounts in addition to the banner picture.

You may also utilize self-branded overlays if you speak about a particular product in your video. Many people are unaware of these, yet they may help you retain viewers when watching your movies.

It’s crucial to write an exciting and relevant bio about your organization or yourself, in addition to generating visual branding. Let them know what piques your curiosity and motivates you. Make it brief and interesting.


4. Include CTA’s (Call to Action) in Your Videos

Incorporating calls to action into your YouTube videos might help you boost your channel’s engagement. They may also be obnoxious, so use caution while using them.

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s increasing likes or subscribers, be transparent and clear about the necessary tasks that people must accomplish. You might provide a link to your website or invite channel subscribers to aid you in explaining the next step inside the video or at the end.

If you want to attract a large number of subscribers, you need to make an effort to do it effectively. Your efforts will be rewarded in the long term.

5. Use Social Media to Share Videos

If you want to build your channel, you must share your videos on social media. It’s critical for a clever marketer to not only share their newest films on social media but also participate in social networks and organizations.

Each social media site has its own culture, and you must choose which is ideal for you and where your efforts will be valued.

To promote your videos, use the following proven strategies:

  • SlideShare presentations may now include YouTube videos.
  • Share your films on social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Make tiny promotional films linked to your original YouTube video for your Facebook page.
  • Make your movies a part of your blog’s content.
  • Promote and share your videos on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn groups and communities relevant to you.
  • Include your videos in guest posts on websites that are linked to yours.
  • Include a link to your YouTube channel in your Instagram bio.

6. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Content makers are increasingly using collaborative films. It’s an excellent method to reach out to new people and grow your subscription base. It’s also a win-win scenario for you, your partner, and the people you’re trying to reach.

Collaborating with other influencers is a terrific way to increase your audience’s social proof. By association, working with other well-known channels helps you appear good.

Here are some suggestions about how to go about it:

  • In the comments, interact with your audience and ask what more they want to see.
  • Collaborate with YouTube influencers and other companies in your niche to create videos.
  • Collaborate with more powerful companies and YouTubers than your own. The most potent YouTubers exclusively work with individuals they are familiar with.
  • Working with a single brand or individual is not required. You may connect with a few or perhaps all of them at once.
  • Collaborate with other social media influencers.

Collaborating with others offers many benefits since it allows you to build strong ties with companies and influencers while massively growing your audience.

7. Use Live Streaming on Youtube

Live video is one of the most popular social media fads, and it shows no signs of subsiding anytime soon.

With Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram making live video streaming simpler than ever, more and more companies are jumping on board.

YouTube has offered a live video for years but has only begun to gain traction. Consider some famous YouTube Live broadcasts to understand better how other firms are using the platform.

Several examples of how you may utilize YouTube Live include the following:

  • Webinars and in-person lessons
  • Session of questions and answers
  • Demonstrations of products

Do not be concerned if your broadcasts do not run as smoothly as you would. One of the attractions (and risks) of live video is that you never know what may happen. Live video’s rough, spontaneous quality is precisely what makes it interesting.

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To sum up, if you want to build your YouTube presence, you should start promoting your YouTube channel and testing and understanding what works best for you, then sticking to these strategies.

It’s just as vital to be faithful to your brand as it is to stay honest to yourself. Keep an eye on any changes, evaluate how they affect your audience’s behavior, and revise your YouTube approach as needed.

Create engaging video material for your audience, capture their attention with thumbnails, hook them, keep your word, and follow through on your promises.