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The Best Custom Mortgage CRM For You: Go High Level

What Is A Custom Mortgage CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is software that allows you to centralize and orchestrate your company’s interactions with prospects and customers. This is a technology for organizing and producing records of contacts with a business’s options and customers. It seems simple, doesn’t it? The fact is that it’s more complicated than it sounds. Marketing automation tools connected to prospect and customer contact records are often included in CRM software beyond client and communication notes.

A mortgage CRM software solution helps mortgage brokers, loan officers, and other financial professionals manage their clients. You undoubtedly have a basic understanding of a mortgage CRM and its workings. However, your mortgage CRM should nonetheless perform several additional tasks.

Is Mortgage CRM Software Important?

Yes, having a high-quality mortgage CRM is critical for your organization. Any business’s foundation of long-term success is its customer relationships. One of the main differentiators between one mortgage firm and another is the quality and quantity of connections you can maintain in the money lending sector. There are a few things to consider before assessing the strength of your database right now.


Determine What You Want From A Mortgage CRM

When selecting a custom mortgage CRM, you must consider five years into the future. What will your tech stack look like in 5 years? What issues are addressed? How many people use the system daily? What are your main concerns? Knowing what you want to achieve with the software over the next five years can aid in determining which solution is best for you today. A sales CRM helps mortgage brokers stay organized, develop automated campaigns, and integrate different applications. Your CRM must have SMS and email connections to interact with clients. This functionality should already be included in most bespoke mortgage CRMs. However, it’s essential to push the limits of this capability.

Ideally, you’ll want the brain of your text provider to come from Twilio. This will guarantee that you are not being spam filtered and have high text deliverability. For automation and triggers, this should be very simple. Without workflow/trigger builder in your custom mortgage CRM, it won’t work long-term. Last but not least, make sure your CRM has an open API key. This will enable you to connect programs such as Zapier. Zapier allows you to customize your CRM in a limitless number of ways. From simple reporting functions to complex lead triggers, Zapier is the future of mortgage CRMs.

Once you’ve determined your requirements and limitations, it’s time to wade through the sea of CRMs to discover the best fit. We highly suggest using Go High Level (GHL) as a mortgage CRM.

What is Go High Level (GHL)?


GoHighLevel is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed exclusively for marketing agencies. GoHighLevel includes a membership platform where you can build unlimited free or paid courses with a total number of users for your clients or your agency. The membership area can be customized and fully branded using the built-in drag-and-drop editor. The high-level Platform is everything agencies need to manage their client’s leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and many other services required to maintain a customer.

Out of the box, the platform allows you to White Label the Desktop Application. Go High Level is a sales CRM tailored for marketers, agencies, and freelancers. The mortgage and real estate sector isn’t too enthralled with High Level since its significant clients are marketing organizations. However, this program benefits service-based companies such as mortgage brokers and real estate agents. GHL makes a few things very well: import leads, automate communications, and scale marketing campaigns. These three capabilities may be used to create new lead campaigns, refinancing drips, and even review management automation. As a result, company owners and marketers turn to GHL for their entire sales funnel solution. Now that we have discussed this software’s capabilities, we will build a mortgage CRM from scratch.

How to Build A Custom Mortgage CRM?


The first step in implementing a bespoke mortgage CRM on GHL is connecting your technology, SMS, email, website, and lead sources to your new CRM. When all of the technology is talking and leads may flow into and out of GHL, you’ll be ready to use it effectively. In most situations, go to your settings page and follow the simple instructions. It’s time to build a sales pipeline, calendar, and automated campaigns after you’ve set up your marketing suite.

When a lead is placed in your CRM, it will enter a sales pipeline with several stages. The phases of your channel will be determined by your sales approach. Here are some examples of different types of mortgage broker sales pipelines:

  • New Lead
  • Appointment Confirmed
  • Application Submitted
  • Pre-Approval
  • Under Contract
  • Closed Loan

The lead’s journey through the stages of sales is different from one to the next, with its own set of rules, messages, and so on. A sales pipeline is a fantastic tool for seeing your conversion rates and optimizing your selling methods. Finally, you may build an infinite number of channels based on your sales process. Mortgage brokers that use GHL like to make refinance pipelines, mortgage products pipelines, and even review campaign pipelines.

Workflows In Your Mortgage CRM


GHL recently introduced a workflow builder. The workflow builder combines active marketing efforts and automated triggers into one location, allowing users to construct incredible automation with endless customization. Users may use this capability to create fantastic automation with infinite customization when developing their first workflow. Numerous possible triggers begin the process of automating. GHL is one of the finest custom mortgage CRMs in the market because of this basic functionality.

Once you’ve chosen a trigger, create your first action. Examples of this are a text message to a lead, an appointment request, or creating a system of tags. There’s also an “if-then” automation that can alter information that doesn’t fulfill specific requirements. You may stop the workflow, add to it, or send it off to another workflow once you’ve added the initial trigger and first action. You may create automation in your bespoke mortgage CRM ad infinitum. However, we propose setting a conclusion objective for each operation for practical purposes. When the aim is completed, end the process and start a new one.

Overall, GHL’s automation feature distinguishes it from other mortgage CRMs in the market. It’s time to personalize your CRM’s user interface once you know what workflows would be effective for your company model.

Customize Design Of Mortgage CRM


Most CRMs and marketing software come with a pre-designed appearance and feel. The color scheme, fonts, and URL strings are frequently incompatible with your corporate style guidelines. Mortgage CRMs have been widely accepted as representing Microsoft, SalesForce, and others. GHL has developed a CRM that may be 100% white-labeled for your company; it offers a significant chance for mortgage brokers to build their own custom mortgage CRM. This tool has fully customized automation and triggers and allows you to modify the user interface to match your brand’s style.

Locate the CSS code access point in your account settings tab to begin customizing your mortgage CRM’s skin. This is where you’ll add all of your code to the software. Navigate to the GHL Experts website from there. GHL Experts is a community of designers who specialize in GHL layouts exclusively. You may join for free and use a great library of personalized templates. You may personalize these templates to your liking. Colors, fonts, and even layouts are all editable. If you want a unique appearance and feel, invest in a monthly subscription and work with a GHL designer who can bring your ideas to life.

These automation and design features make GHL the premier custom mortgage CRM for brokers, loan officers, and lenders. With this said, GHL’s team management system helps you utilize this CRM across your entire team.

CRM Team Management Tools

You can also get cloud-based CRM software that teams may use to manage their sales and marketing activities. When you register for GHL, you’ll be given an admin account. This gives you complete control over automation, design, and team membership. As an administrator, you may establish individual performances and team accounts. This allows you to manage the sales department efficiently. Additionally, each account can have its phone number and calendar bookings added. The admin may preserve lead flow by working on pipeline creation and communication with all leads to ensure they are addressed.

This level of sales management will give your custom mortgage CRM a life of its own — it will become the real brain of your sales team. There is no such thing as the perfect software for mortgage brokers and loan officers. However, if you’re searching for a bespoke mortgage CRM to automate your operations, GHL is an excellent choice.

Concluding Thoughts on Custom Mortgage CRMs

Your custom mortgage CRM should represent your sales funnel. If your marketing plan is focused on digital marketing (PPC, SEO, Retargetting), you’ll want to use a CRM that works with your marketing channels rather than against them. Too many mortgage brokers and loan officers abandon Excel spreadsheets for cumbersome software that doesn’t fit into their sales approach. This may create an unfavorable first impression of CRMs, causing individuals to migrate to more difficult-to-use legacy CRM systems.

However, with the ability to customize at a high level, Go High Level gives everyday mortgage brokers and loan officers incredible processing power. There are numerous instructional materials online if you’re interested in developing a bespoke mortgage CRM on GHL. Furthermore, GHL provides a 14-day free trial, so you can try out the software and see if it’s a good fit. Are you in the mortgage industry and looking for automation on GoHighLevel? Book a FREE call with our experts for the complete setup.