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Ten Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses in 2022

Now that you’ve learned how to create an email marketing campaign for your small business, what’s next? Here are ten small business marketing tactics that can help you take your approach to the next level.

Routine is indeed the enemy when it comes to email campaigns. You are always searching for potential email marketing ideas to help you keep creating valuable and compelling email content.

Inboxes will be a battleground for marketers in 2022. Because your connections are receiving an increasing number of email solicitations from other businesses and competitors, you’ll need to provide them with a compelling reason to read your email.

Number 1: Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

The value of your email content is one of the cornerstones of email delivery and engagement in 2022. Don’t worry about how many emails you send. Nobody enjoys being inundated with promotional texts on a near-daily basis.

Instead, focus on crafting emails that your readers genuinely want to read. Make sure your promotions provide content that your subscribers will find helpful. Asking your subscribers exactly what sort of content they’d like to receive once they join up for your email list is a terrific approach to guarantee you’re meeting their expectations.

Number 2: Instead Of A Link Within Your Menu, Use An Integrated Sign-Up Form

Using an embedded form rather than referring to a link is nearly always preferable when it comes to sign-up forms. It’s even more straightforward for new subscriptions to enroll in your email list if you embed your sign-up form.

Another typical technique to ensure that your visitors have the opportunity to enroll is to employ pop-up sign-up forms. If you choose to use this function, keep in mind that you should not disrupt the user’s experience. A pop-up window is likely to discourage website visitors from subscribing if you don’t provide them the opportunity to interact with your content naturally.

Number 3 : Encourage People To Sign Up In Any Way You Can

While we’re on the subject of sign-up forms, ensure you provide your clients as many opportunities to register to your emails as feasible!

This is one email marketing advice we can give you: Wherever possible, include email sign-up options on your website. On your main page, contact page, crucial landing pages, and also in your footer, include a sign-up CTA.

If you run an e-commerce company, make sure to provide customers the choice to opt-in to emails on the checkout when they’re already inputting one’s email addresses to the ultimate source.

A sign-up clipboard performs just as effectively in physical and mortar establishments! Ask your clients at checkout if they’d like to be kept up to date on your company’s news and special offers.

Number 4: Make Your Emails Responsive To Mobile Devices (Responsive Email Design)

Because nearly half of all Americans read their emails on their phones, having your emails mobile-responsive should be a must. There’s no getting around it in 2022. Your email design must adapt to the size of the user’s screen, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

The very last thing you would like for your email recipients to have trouble reading it!

Number 5: Create A Segmented List For Your Most Active Clients

This is a terrific opportunity to establish brand loyalty and enhance sales if you have a recurring client base that engages with your emails consistently. These subscribers have expressed a keener interest in your company. Cultivating these connections is a sure-fire approach to increase conversions at a bit of expense!

Establishing an email list expressly for these people is an excellent approach to achieve this ‘cultivating.’ You’ll be able to give them unique discounts and offers to entice them to purchase things from your company.

Integrate your sales CRM to keep records of your segments and improve conversion rate optimization to take things a step further.

Number 6: Send Emails That Are Sent Automatically

If your small business hasn’t started sending automated emails yet, 2022 is the year to start. Automated emails can help you strengthen consumer relationships while saving you time and effort.

You are setting up an automated welcome email to new subscribers if you issue a regular newsletter. This will set the tone for your partnership and establish trust among your brand and your new contacts.

You can also create automated emails depending on a contact’s previous activity. You can, for example, contact your users on their favorite products on the market that are complementary to those they just purchased. Even more, you can email customers who haven’t purchased in a while automatic re-engagement emails.

Number 7: Allow Readers With Cognitive And Visual Disabilities To View Your Emails

In 2022, having readily available material already is a hot topic among email marketers. Content that can be accessible by visually impaired email subscribers utilizing voice assistants and screen readers is referred to as email accessibility.

You may do a few things to ensure that your emails are available:

  • Make your information easy to read and understand. Avoid industrial jargon and use critical points and brief phrases.
  • Use headers to ensure that screen readers read your content in the correct sequence.
  • Inside the ALT tags of any photos, including helpful descriptions.
  • Make the email as accessible as feasible by using a font, layout, and color scheme.
  • Any links should have descriptive anchor text. (A link labeled ‘Click here’ doesn’t even have enough information about the destination URL for using a screen reader.)

Number 8: Keep Your Pledge That You Made When You Signed Up!

Inboxes have become a hallowed zone now that authorization email marketing has become the standard. For many people, their email is a curated combination of personal information.

As a result, it’s no surprise that individuals are more cautious about what people sign up for with their email. Furthermore, they have no qualms about clicking ‘unsubscribe’ if the content is no longer relevant.

To keep your subscribers, you must adhere to your sign-up commitment in terms of the content and delivery. If you say you’ll send a monthly email featuring chocolate cake recipes every month, you’ll send it on the same day every month.

Number 9: Persuade New Subscribers To Join You To Their Contact List

What’s one strategy to make sure your message lands in your subscribers’ inbox? Because you’re on their contact list!

Include wording in your welcome email that asks new subscribers to add your delivering email address to the contacts list. Because the contacts effectively inform the send and receive emails because they want to receive your emails, this email campaign tip will enhance your deliverability rate.

Number 10: Before Sending Your Email Campaigns, Test Them

Testing your campaigns before sending them is perhaps the most critical email marketing advice for small businesses.

While it may appear to be an afterthought, testing your email campaigns is critical to a successful overall digital marketing plan. You’d be shocked how easily mistakes or formatting mistakes may creep into your emails.

Try previewing your content on the email marketing program once you’ve completed writing it. Send test emails with yourself and just a few coworkers, and view them on your laptop, mobile device, and tablet.

Even better, use a subset of your email list to A/B test your subject line, email content, as well as CTA buttons to determine what works best.