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Is LinkedIn a Highly Professional Platform for Lead Generation?

If you could only concentrate on one lead-generating channel for your organization, it should be LinkedIn.

Statistics reveal that the platform isn’t simply a decent option for B2B marketers — it’s the best. Conversion is more significant than other advertising networks, and the cost per lead is cheaper. There are also several free methods to discover information and a few applications that make the process simple.


It’s more vital to generate sales leads that convert rapidly than get more leads. LinkedIn can assist you with this. You may use LinkedIn Lead Generation to target and produce the relevant business leads. B2B organizations employ LinkedIn lead generation tactics to generate sales leads for this reason. LinkedIn generates more than 80% of B2B leads produced via social media, according to studies. As a result, LinkedIn lead creation is no longer optional. It is one of the most effective tactics for generating leads for B2B businesses.

LinkedIn is the most acceptable place to draw their attention if your company provides a solution to their problems.


There are a few more reasons why LinkedIn is the most excellent location for B2B organizations to get leads. Following are the reasons,

1. It’s Made Up of Business People with Spending Power.

Over 20% of LinkedIn users have the authority to make purchasing choices on behalf of their organizations. Your company might be communicating with at least 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision-makers. It’s also the most popular social networking platform among Fortune 500 organizations, so your target demographic is likely already using it.

2. It has a very Active User Base.

LinkedIn has approximately 500 million overall members, with over half of them (260 million) using the site every month. 44 percent of the 260 million visitors visit the site daily. That’s a lot of prospective leads to keep track of daily.


3. One of the Most Efficient Ways to Get Leads is Via LinkedIn.

Those 100+ million decision-makers have been shown to act. The site’s content marketing blog crunched the figures and discovered that LinkedIn generates 80% of B2B prospects earned via social media.LinkedIn is simply best in these attributes.

4. Lead Generation on LinkedIn Converts More Leads for Less Money.

There are free methods to generate leads on LinkedIn, but even if you opt for a paid plan, you might save a lot of money compared to a comparable ad campaign on a search engine or another social networking site.

HubSpot combined the results of all their customers using LinkedIn Sponsored Content. The results showed that the ads do have more expensive cost-per-clicks than Google Ads but they also have twice the conversion.



With a budget of $1,000 that could result in 11 conversions at a cost of $90 on LinkedIn and the same amount of money with Google Ads would generate 8 conversions, each costing $125.

5. Its Target Audiences are Designed Explicitly for B2B Lead Generation.

Marketers may be pretty specific about the people they wish to target using LinkedIn Ads. While rivals like Facebook Ads enable advertisers to target users by company and job title, the platform’s primary goal is not workplace networking. Some users may not be publishing their work information, making this a less-than-ideal route for reaching out to specific groups.


6. Lead Creation on LinkedIn is the Preferred Method for B2B Marketing.

Ninety-four percent of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn to disseminate information, according to the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn. This indicates that many B2B marketers are mistaken, or a large number of individuals are correct.

In any scenario, you’d be negligent if you didn’t take advantage of what 94 percent of your rivals are currently doing.

As a result, B2B marketers may use this vast resource to produce targeted B2B leads based on industry, region, talents, title, experience, and a variety of other factors. B2B organizations may use LinkedIn lead generation to get targeted leads that they couldn’t acquire anyplace else.

All the points and facts stated above only indicate that LinkedIn is a highly professional social media platform for lead generation.