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7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is So Important in 2022

You are incorrect if you believe that the advent of social media advertising, pay-per-click (PPC), and SMS marketing will gradually diminish the effect of email marketing. According to statistics, email is the most often used marketing method.

According to Statista, there were 3.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019! – Yes, a billion is spelled with a B.

And there’s no indication that things are going to slow down. According to the same report, email users will number about 4.48 billion by 2024. It’s also worth noting that the average Person spends almost five hours every day in front of their computer!

Here are some additional email marketing stats to demonstrate the superiority of email marketing over other online marketing channels:



This blog post may have gotten a little carried away with email campaigns statistics. Then why does email marketing continue to produce such impressive figures? That’s exactly what we’re about to convey!

What is the significance of email marketing?

Email marketing is crucial since it allows organizations to acquire new leads, convert leads into customers, and retain existing clients! Besides that, email is beneficial to organizations in a variety of ways. And we’ll tell you why email marketing is much more crucial than every digital marketing channel in this article!

1. Email Marketing Aids in the Expansion of Your Company

Customer acquisition is one of the most challenging tasks for marketers. Customer acquisition is the top goal for 49% of marketers regarding digital marketing. You may produce email leads for your company with the help of content marketing or promotional events. The trick, though, is converting leads into clients. Email marketing comes into the equation at this point.

You may focus on just a lead retention policy that teaches your lead, enhances engagement, as well as boosts their trust once you’ve established a great connection with them. These will persuade your prospects to buy your stuff. No other form of digital marketing will allow you to expand your company.


2. Email Marketing Can Help You Create Stronger Consumer Ties.

Because they didn’t build ties with their clients, the average business will lose 20% to 80% of its customers each year.

It’s more vital than you realize to have good customer communication. Improved customer relations result in higher sales, more effective marketing, and increased revenue.

On the other hand, customers will forget about the brand if you do not communicate with them.

Email is a leading communication method for engaging with the audience and developing a unique relationship with potential leads. They will not ever complain regarding your emails as long as they have chosen to receive them and you provide them with content worth reading. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to the business audiences more frequently, consistently enlighten and educate them, and establish stronger customer relationships.

3. You Have The Ability To Design Effective Customer Retention Rules.

According to the Edelman Trust research, today’s customers desire to trust businesses more than ever before. This means that buyers will buy from brands they know and trust. Existing consumers are 60 percent to 70 percent more likely than potential customers to make repeat purchases.

As a result, it’s safe to conclude that customer loyalty is just as crucial (if not more) than acquiring new customers. It lowers client churn and increases customer lifetime value (CLV). Furthermore, a substantial customer retention period can boost brand advocacy.

4. Possibility Of Establishing Brand Advocacy

When your clients are so pleased with the brand that they might recommend it to their family and friends, this is known as brand advocacy. Because 92 percent of people trust referrals from friends and family, this can be far more effective than traditional marketing.

You may regularly reach out to your audience with targeted messages, solve their pain areas, collect feedback, reward their loyalty, and empathize with them instead of tapping into their emotions through email marketing. This enables you to increase client retention while also increasing income miraculously!

5. Email Marketing Allows You To Maintain Contact With Your Target Audience

Customers want to believe in brands more now than ever before. Businesses rely on boosting customer interaction to develop trust. According to a Content Marketing Institute report on B2B content marketing standards, budgets, and trends, 87 percent of marketers use email to disseminate their content.

Maybe it’s because mail is a dependable means of communicating with their target audiences. Emails have been through a rigorous spam screening procedure to guarantee that they include less trash and more helpful information. And firms can only send emails to customers’ inboxes with their permission.

From the customer’s perspective, this assures that they will receive exactly what they anticipate, without the irritation of receiving irrelevant emails and promotional offers. As a result, you can always reach out to the audience and keep them up to date on news, updates, and special offers to create trust.

6. The Ability To Communicate In A Personalized Manner

Businesses now have an excellent personalization opportunity thanks to the advent of CRM and email marketing automation technologies. Companies may now track their audiences and also get detailed contact reports. This enables firms to identify better and categorize their target consumers, sending more targeted messaging.

Personalization has become so easy with CRM and email marketing automation that you can now mention your customer’s name or include their general details in an email. Segments can be used to tailor entire email content.

Emails that are segmented and targeted account for 58 percent of all income. Simply putting a recipient’s name in an email can raise the open rate by 26%, while sectioning your email campaigns can result in a 760 percent gain in income.

So, how about the customers?

According to Adobe’s consumer demand survey, 67 percent of consumers desire individualized content, and 42 percent would be irritated by content that isn’t personalized for them. As a result, customization is critical. And only email marketing allows you to customize tailored content!

7. Increase The Profitability And Efficiency Of Your Efforts.

The wonderful thing regarding email marketing is that this is the most lucrative digital marketing channel, with a 3800 percent return on investment.

Are you curious about how email marketing is just so profitable? This is since there is a lower cost involved!

In email marketing, you’ll only be responsible for the marketer’s wage and the cost of the marketing automation software you’ll be utilizing. There are no further expenses for clicks or openings once you’ve finished crafting the emails. This is more cost-effective than other marketing channels because most would cost you based on clicks.

However, the cost of your marketing automation software might be a nuisance, as they typically cost more as a business grows. The price is frequently changed based on how many connections you have and how many emails you push out.

For up to 5000 connections, popular marketing automation platforms like MailChimp can cost up to $80 per month. Small firms will always struggle to buy such software, even if it is inexpensive for businesses with high earnings.

Marketing automation is becoming more inexpensive because of self-hosting. Self-hosted marketing automation isn’t depending on the number of relationships a user has, and it integrates with any low-cost email service.



To Summarize

Communication is the most effective approach for a company to grow and succeed. Your email’s personalized touch will offer you an advantage over your competitors. That is why email marketing is essential for keeping in touch with your customers. Compared to any marketing channel globally, it is convenient, dependable, flexible, and cost-effective. That’s why, even in 2021, email marketing continues to produce tremendous positive marketing effects!