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6 Easy Ways to Increase Brand Exposure

6 Easy Ways to Increase Brand Exposure

Brand exposure is an important part of every marketing strategy in today’s world. Building trust is key to letting your leads see who you are as a company and getting them familiar with your business name and what you stand for.

By creating trust, companies can easily nurture leads through the sales funnel to conversion and beyond.

In this article, you’ll learn …

  • How branded content helps to increase exposure.
  • What HARO is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • What to look for when partnering with influencers.
  • How to use affiliate marketing to boost exposure.
  • How to successfully collaborate with other brands.
  • And more!

Brand exposure increases awareness, which is the first stage of your marketing funnel. Using these easy ways to increase your brand exposure, you will skyrocket your awareness, and the leads will come pouring in.

What’s the Difference?

Brand exposure is a very simple concept. In a nutshell, it involves exposing your brand to your target audience to make them familiar with the brand name, the products or services you offer, and who you are as a company.

Why Is Brand Exposure Important?

  • It keeps your brand top-of-mind: When the time comes to make a purchase, people will be more likely to choose your brand over competitors because they’ll be familiar with it. That familiarity increases their comfort and trust, making your brand their go-to choice. 
  • It helps you achieve your business goals: With proper brand awareness, you’ll expand your audience, gain organic traffic, cultivate leads, and create brand loyalty.
  • It casts a wide net for the top of your funnel: Brand awareness campaigns let people know what you have to offer, and then it pulls in the ones that are truly interested in taking the next step. 

How Does Brand Exposure Help Your Business?

  • Increases market share and sales: Brand awareness often drives performance goals like leads and sales. As people become more aware of your brand, you drive more conversions and become more dominant in your market.
  • Enables cross-posting on new channels: Feed the top of your sales funnel with leads from different sources through cross-platform brand awareness campaigns. Investing in brand awareness leads to more growth opportunities and energizes your marketing strategies.
  • Improve brand perception: Brand awareness helps shape what people know about your business and can also change how they think about it.
  • Build audience data: A wide-reaching awareness campaign helps brands collect valuable data about their audience. This will allow you to segment your audience better, build retargeting strategies, and optimize your marketing strategy for future campaigns.

Ways To Increase Brand Exposure

1. Content Marketing

Brand awareness isn’t just making sure the audience knows your brand’s name but also helping them understand what makes your brand unique. To create this distinction, all content should include your competitive advantage, telling your audience what sets you apart from similar brands. 

Establish Your Brand’s Authority and Expertise

Content doesn’t necessarily have to mention your product/service or include a sales pitch to be highly effective for brand awareness. This type of content aims to share knowledge and resonate with your audience, framing yourself as an authority on the subject. 

Quality Content Builds Trust

Consumers are no longer interested in brands that only push sales to them. The sales pitches of the past don’t create the responses brands need these days. Think of it this way — consumers now have access to so much information that they’re able to research and compare products and brands and make decisions based on values and trust. 

Develop Your Brand Personality

Your brand’s personality can work for your brand awareness as long as you:

  • Clearly define your brand.
  • Establish your mission.
  • Have a clear value proposition.
  • Develop a consistent voice.
  • Define a content strategy that pulls everything together.

Expand Your Audience

When you post content on topics your audience is interested in, your website will appear in search engine results for the keywords your customers are looking for. Using keywords greatly increases your ranking, boosts your SEO, and gets even more exposure.

Build Customer Loyalty

Fortifying the relationships that you’ve created with your customers is a very important aspect of building your brand. Customers who feel loyal to your brand are much more likely to recommend it to others.

Don’t Underestimate Organic Search

Your brand can get a ton of exposure just through consumers finding you in an organic search. Even if they don’t click on your link every time, if they keep seeing your name pop up when they search for the things they’re interested in, they will start to remember it. When the time comes to make a purchase, they’ll likely go your way.


HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. It’s a great way to get a ton of exposure for your business, products, and services.

What is HARO?

HARO is a website service that connects journalists with sources for stories they are looking to write. For example, if a journalist or publisher has an article idea but needs help getting expert insight or facts for the article, they can create a HARO request to find someone to help them.

How HARO Helps Build Brand Exposure

  • Thought leadership: Commenting on a story as an industry expert helps establish yourself as a thought leader. When you’re featured in well-known and respected publications in your industry, the journalists will often come to you for comments.
  • Backlinks: Luckily, when a journalist mentions you in a publication, it provides exposure. This also generally includes a backlink to your website. The more quality backlinks you get, the more authority search engines will assign to your website.
  • Building relationships: Once a journalist has used you as a source, they will probably reach out to you again for similar stories in the future.

5 Steps to Using Haro 

Now that you are aware of what a great tool HARO can be for getting more exposure for your business, you should get started. Follow these five steps to get the most out of the platform.

  • Set up an account.
  • Start discovering opportunities.
  • Follow best practices for responding to HARO queries.
  • Monitor.
  • Share.

3. Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing can be a smart move for increasing brand exposure. However, you will need to know a little bit about influencer marketing and how to track your KPIs and ROI to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Mega, Macro, Micro, and Nano

There are four different types of social media influencers:

  • Mega: 1 million + followers
  • Macro: 100,000 – 1 million followers
  • Micro: 10,000 – 100,000 followers
  • Nano: 10,000 followers or less

Brand Representatives

Once you’ve decided on the level of influencer you think will work best for your goals, you can start reaching out to them to see who is willing to be a brand ambassador.

Product Reviews

Another option is to send free products to bloggers and influencers in exchange for a one-time promotion, such as a blog post or social media post.

Sponsored Posts

If you have the budget, consider sponsored posts as a way to get more exposure for your brand.


4. Start an Affiliate Program

Digital marketing is great, but word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best ways to get the word out about your product or service.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

At its core, affiliate marketing is a partnership between a company and a marketer. The marketer could be a blogger, influencer, or anyone with an online presence who thinks they can market your product to their audience.

With affiliate marketing, the affiliate earns a commission for promoting and marketing your products or services. The sales they make are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another. 

5. Collaborate with Other Brands

Collaborating with other brands is a great way to grow awareness of your brand. You’re looking for another business within your niche that sells a complementary product.

Finding Brands to Team Up With

Work with brands that serve target audiences similar to yours.

Finding Ways to Collaborate

  • Contests and Giveaways: This is one of the most popular ways to collaborate with another brand. Be creative as you think of ways you could run this. For example, you could run a giveaway on social media or do a photo contest.
  • Ensure all the brands involved are tagging each other so you can expand your reach and broaden your audience.

Manage Expectations

Ensuring everyone knows what to expect and their role in the collaboration is vital to its success. 

6. Increasing Exposure with Guest Posts

Guest posting is a tremendous way to position yourself as an expert in your field and expand your brand exposure.

Finding a Blog to Guest Post On

Do a little research on the other blogs in your niche. You’ll want to stay within your niche because, as usual, you need to share a similar target audience. Figure out what types of posts they already have and what you might be able to add that would benefit their audience.

How Does This Increase Awareness?

You get to share your expertise with a new audience by guest posting on another blog. 

The Bottom Line

By taking advantage of these six strategies, you can ensure that your brand reaches as many eyes as possible and increases its online exposure. So start leveraging these tactics today! Good luck! 

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Ways To Increase Brand Exposure

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